Русский бизнес в Сосуа и не только.

Форум-болталка. Ни о чем. Ругаться матом разрешено только здесь.

Русский бизнес в Сосуа и не только.

Сообщение Andrei » Сб сен 17, 2016 8:23 am

Прочитал очень интересный пост на фейсбуке сегодня о том, как правильно разрушить успешный бизнес.


Так же советую почитать комментарии. Взгляд на русских со стороны иностранцев.
Тяжело вставать с колен, когда на яйца наступили.
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Не мы такие. Чучхе такое.
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Re: Русский бизнес в Сосуа и не только.

Сообщение Andrei » Сб сен 17, 2016 8:32 am

Уууупс! К сожалению, сейчас увидел, что группа закрытая.

Скопирую текст здесь.


Chapter 427 (The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!)

Recently I got to thinking about the Russians in the DR. The Russians are a mystery wrapped inside an enigma. I don’t remember exactly when they started pouring into the DR and the North Coast, but like most people, I started noticing them more and more around 2005/2006.

Despite my recent negative experience, I like Russians. I like Russians a lot. I live with two Russians—one of which is the best cook, mother, and friend I know. She’s also a sweet person who never gossips. Ever! Unlike other cultures, she never sits around talking about people. She has her Russians friends over to our condo every week. They’re good people. Wonderful people. They’re educated and smart. They love nothing more than to sit around eating, drinking, and talking about interesting things. They do not sit around and gossip and talk about stupid things. They’re educated and smart, and they all learn and speak Spanish. They’re beautiful, good people, and very devoted to their families…which we know from growing up in America…is not what we have been taught. Russians are extremely family oriented and very devoted to their children and their child’s education. The kids are smart.

As business people, well…that’s another story, and one that I am going to try to address right here and be fair and nuanced about.

How many people remember “City Market” supermarket (near Sosua)? It sat in-between Coastal gas station and El Choco restaurant. It was my favorite supermarket on the North Coast. I went there every single day religiously. Alexander—the beautiful German chef/business woman who owns Mura Mai restaurant in Sosua—managed City Market supermarket. To say that she did a good job would be a gross understatement. She was a wonderful business woman who knew customer service. Good customer service is not rocket science. Here are some of the things Alexander did that still stands out as Marketing genius 101:

1. She only played Jazz music throughout the supermarket. It was commercial free, and came directly from the internet. The station was Smooth Jazz 101. It wasn’t loud, and the music was soothing to listen to; it played quietly in the background. It was enjoyable to listen to because it was so unobtrusive.

2. At 11am everyday, rain or shine, she had a full salad bar set up; it was full of marinated vegetables, grilled meat, seafood, “real” Mozzarella cheese, peppers, and some other things that you seldom see in places in the DR, but are very common in the USA. The salad bar was well-maintained, and the supermarket staff constantly filled it up and cleaned up around it. It was very clean. To say that it was unique would be understating just how rare it was to see something like this on the North Coast inside a supermarket.

3. The cafe was beautiful. No, it was stunning. It was like a Starbucks. I sat there everyday on a big, beautiful leather sofa, drinking coffee until I started hyperventilating and passed out in a caffeine induced coma. I needed heart defibulators to resuscitate me and bring me back to life. Once I was conscious again, I laid off the caffeine and started drinking Belgium Raspberry beer (Lambic). You were allowed to purchase Belgium beers and drink it inside the café. How fantastic was that? The sofas were big and wonderful; it was something you might find in a Startbuck’s or an eclectic café in the USA.

4. Every day, they had warm, fresh chocolate croissants. You could get them right when they came out of the oven. They were wonderful, amazing. They also had a very extensive dessert selection—which included fresh cakes and pies. Alexander’s brother-in-law made many of the wonderful cakes and pies. They always filled up the display case.

5. The shelves were always fully stocked with fresh produce.

6. They had free Wifi for the customers.

7. Alexander always came around and spoke with the customers inside the cafe.

Now what happened after City Market got sold to some Russians should be a crime and be obligatory for business students to study at university. What they did violated every business rule ever conceived in business school. I will attempt to address a few of them right here because they really deserve attention to what “Not to do” in a business.

This what they did the moment they sold City Market and it became known as “Favorito” supermarket (The sign still stands on the front of the building, I believe).

1. They got rid of the Smooth Internet Jazz station and started playing Bachata music and some other horrible music. They played it slightly louder than the previous Jazz station. Now, Bachata music is fine when you are inside a nightclub, bar, colmado, or sitting inside a jail cell on the North Coast, but it’s not the type of music you want to listen to when you are drinking coffee and trying to have a conversation, and the employees around you start wailing and singing along with the song, and then the paint and cement starts cracking on the ceilings and walls and raining down on your fresh perm. It’s fair to say that Bachata music and other types of music (hard rock, Metal, Celin Dion, etc) should never be played inside a supermarket or café. It’s what you play when you want to torture your neighbors or some Muslim terrorists

2. The got rid of the free internet for their customers.

3. They got rid of the wonderful salad bar.

4. They stopped stocking the shelves and produce like it was before.

5. They got rid of the fresh Chocolate croissants.

Slowly but surely, people stopped coming altogether. They were out of business, I believe, in less than one year. One year!! Everything they could have done to ruin a perfectly good business, they managed to pull off and do in less than one month. They changed everything they could. It was as astonishing as it was shocking!

And this only tells only part of the story about Russians and their business sense and their customer service and marketing sense.

Whenever you leave a bad taste in the mouth of a customer, you have lost a fantastic opportunity to not only keep a customer, but also to gain that customer’s friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, etc.

Everyone who has ever taken a very basic business or marketing class already knows this. This is business 101. It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s not Rocket Science. But it is absolutely astonishing how many people have no clue about it.
Тяжело вставать с колен, когда на яйца наступили.
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Не мы такие. Чучхе такое.
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Re: Русский бизнес в Сосуа и не только.

Сообщение gsergiy » Сб сен 17, 2016 8:56 am

почему же иносранцам нипочитать о себе мнение нитолько русских но и других народов.А так экземпляр Америкосы,потом как обьединились Гейропа и потом ещо несколько затычек прихлебателей,как Канада.Аусралия и другие как бы независящие офигенные государства :haha:
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